Australian Animal Learning Zone

  • Thorny Devil

    Thorny Devil

    The Thorny Devil is a species of lizards found in Australia. It is known for its unique spiny appearance and chameleon-like color changing abilities. It is the only species belonging to the genus Moloch and is known by various names such as the Mountain Devil, Thorny Lizard, Thorny Dragon as well as Moloch. Thorny Devil…

  • Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

    Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

    The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is a large white cockatoo bird found in various parts of Australia as well as in New Guinea. They are quite popular as pets and make delightful companions. Sulphur Crested Cockatoo Scientific Name The scientific name for these species of cockatoo is “Cacatua galerita”.

  • White Bellied Sea Eagle

    White Bellied Sea Eagle

    The White Bellied Sea Eagle, also known as the White Breasted Sea Eagle, is mainly found near coastline as their name suggests. They are normally found in pairs and live close to water ways. The Eagle is found in many parts of Australia and numerous folk tales have been there about this beautiful bird. This…

  • Australian Magpie

    Australian Magpie

    The Australian Magpie is a medium-sized, passerine bird that is native to Australia and Southern New Guinea. These birds are one of the most common Australian birds and are also described as one of the most proficient song birds.  They usually have an array of multifaceted vocalizations. Australian Magpie Scientific Name Magpies are scientifically known…

  • Numbat


    Numbat is a marsupial belonging to the mammal family. It is an emblem of the Western Australia. The mammal looks very adorable and makes a great pet. Due to its endangered existence status it is protected and not much encouraged to be petted. Numbat Scientific Name. Scientific name for Numbat is Myrmecobius fasciatus.

  • Rainbow Lorikeet

    Rainbow Lorikeet

    Rainbow lorikeet is a parrot with a dash of color on its feathers. It belongs to the Psittacidae family of the Lorini tribe. This bird is an Australian pride. With its smearing colorful beauty and sweet-naughty nature, this bird is a hot favorite amongst bird petting enthusiasts. Rainbow Lorikeet Scientific Name The Rainbow Lorikeet bears…

  • Marsupial Mouse

    Marsupial Mouse

    Marsupial Mouse is a small rat or mouse that belongs to the Dasyyuridae family. It is also known as “stuart’s antechinus” and “macleay’s marsupial mouse” Marsupial Mouse Scientific Name The Scientific Name of Marsupial Mouse is Antechinus stuartii.

  • Weedy Sea Dragon

    Weedy Sea Dragon

    The Weedy Sea Dragon is the only species belonging to the Phyllopteryx genus. This fish species is a close relative of the seahorse and the Leafy Sea Dragon. It is found in different states of Australia. This Sea dragon is also known as the Common Sea Dragon. Weedy Sea Dragon Scientific Name The scientific name for this…

  • Fairy Penguin

    Fairy Penguin

    Fairy Penguin is the smallest member of the family of Penguins primarily found in the southern parts of Australia and New Zealand. This cute looking Penguin has multiple species and known by different names like Little Blue Penguins. These Penguins are among the major tourist attractions in the places they are found and people are…

  • Turtle Frog

    Turtle Frog

    Turtle Frog is a unique looking frog which is native to the western part of Australia. It is characterized by its peculiar body which looks like a small turtle without its shell. Mainly found in the semi-arid region, these frogs, unlike the other frogs, have short and muscular limbs. The strong limbs help them dig…

  • Tasmanian Devil

    Tasmanian Devil

    Tasmanian devil is the largest of the marsupial, which is a carnivore. Fossils found widely across Australia prove that they were once widespread across the mainland Australia. That was about 400 years ago. Now they are available only in the island state of Tasmania. The Tasmanian devil is the size of a small dog with…

  • Platypus


    Platypus is one amongst the nature’s unlikely animal. They are the only mammal that lays eggs instead of giving birth to their young ones. They are native to the Eastern Australia and Tasmania. Platypus are semi aquatic mammals and are included as one of the extant species of monotremes. It belongs to the Ornithorhynchidae family…

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