Grey Headed Flying Fox

Grey Headed Flying Fox is an Australian megabat belonging to the genus Pteropus. Being one of the biggest bat species, these mammals inhabit varied locations in its native place, migrating hundreds of miles for food. They are the largest flying mammals on earth and because they mainly subsist on fruits and seeds, they are also known as ‘fruit bats’. They are conspicuous with their reddish furry collars over a grey body. They have distinct way of communicating via a range of calls.

Scientific Name

Scientifically these creatures are known as Pteropus poliocephalus.


Fairy Penguin

Fairy Penguin is the smallest member of the family of Penguins primarily found in the southern parts of Australia and New Zealand. This cute looking Penguin has multiple species and known by different names like Little Blue Penguins. These Penguins are among the major tourist attractions in the places they are found and people are in awe of their beauty as they glide along the coastal areas. They are distinguished by their typical bluish hue and white under color and look wonderful when they move around noisily in clusters.

Scientific name

Fairy Penguin is scientifically known as Eudyptula minor.

Fairy Penguin Description

These creatures can be easily identified, as they are the smallest of creatures in the species of Penguins in an attractive shade. Some of their physical attributes are: